Winning Tactics To Rank First On Google

But it’s 2021 and my website is just getting started… How is that even possible to rank first on Google?

Before you get the best keywords, use tags, create content, use categories, backlinks, and all that technical stuff, you still need to resolve a bigger issue, user experience. If you put the user first and even if you don’t have all those factors you can still rank high because Google values more user experience than any other issue. In fact, most of the time Google doesn’t really care at that point, if people aren’t linking your website, my friend, you got a bigger problem. User experience is the ultimate gold

So if you want to rank well in 2021 don’t just think of SEO from an on-page or off-page perspective.

Remember that your business is giving value to your customers, you should ask questions like what do your ideal customers want? 

But even if you still feel lost on the Sahara….

There are hundreds of tools that can help you find your right audience

By giving exactly what your audience wants you’re much more likely to crank and climb in the rankings. It’s not just about doing the hard SEO fundamentals that everyone is talking about.

On the other hand…

Your content must be detailed and well structured explaining everything out there under the sun for that one topic.

In other words…

It must be thorough, the more thorough you are, the better off you’re going to be in rankings.

Sexy Content 

Your content needs to be attractive and engaging, the better designed and the more beautiful it is, the better off you are. People enjoy looking at beautiful designs, as everybody does.

Load Fast

If it doesn’t load fast it’s just not going to work, easy as that, especially on the mobile version. More than 50% of the people using Google are on their mobile phones or mobile device. So make sure your website is optimized and fast to avoid a big bounce rate with Google.

Use Backlinks

Its providing more juice, it’s telling Google that your links are important and you want users to know it’s important, they need to look natural and provide value linking to relevant content

Meta description makes it clear 

Is the info that shows up in the organic search engine and gives an idea to users about your website.

Take it easy

Just be patient, you’re not gonna rank right away. You gotta be patient and continually update new and fresh content giving value to your audience and optimizing user experience. It’ll eventually rank well on the first page. 

Build a brand 

Write blogs, do a podcast, create videos. But building a brand consistently for years, eventually, you will see how your rankings start climbing on a huge scale.

So, if you’re not so sure about building a brand because it’s hard for every single business, leave a comment on the box and we’ll provide you the best feedback.

You need to have a solid keyword research

Longer keywords are much easier to rank. So for example how to lose weight with a keto diet, would be a lot easier to rank for than something like a shorter keyword like how to lose weight.

We want to highlight that all of that is pointless if you don’t have some sort of authority! And what we mean with authority is basically how strong your domain is, so the higher the domain rank the better your website ranks.

If you are struggling with ranking organically on Google, schedule a free SEO consultation with us and get organic traffic and sales.

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